Negronis Are ‘Quintessential’ Italian Aperitif

Mar 26, 2023 466

BY: Shelby Vittek

Like the Italian food scene in New Jersey, the world of Italian cocktails is vast and varied. It includes specialty wines and spirits, such as amaro, vermouth, prosecco and limoncello, which are usually categorized as aperitivo (before a meal) or digestivo (to aid digestion).

Variations on the Aperol spritz, which gets its name from the zesty, orange-hued aperitif, have swept the world. But in winter, no Italian cocktail warms and satisfies like a negroni. It’s easy to make: one part gin, one part red vermouth (semisweet), one part Campari, a vibrantly red, bitter Italian liqueur. Pour over ice, add orange peel, and you’re set.

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