New Fiat 500e Color Is Inspired By Los Angeles’ Iconic Gray Skies

Jun 08, 2024 139

BY: Lawrence Hodge

If you hadn’t realized, the 2024 Fiat 500e is already arriving at dealers here in the United States, with the first ones all being painted bright red. Keeping in the brands plans to release special editions like shoe drops, the brand has “dropped” a new special edition. The latest 500e is called the Fiat 500e Inspired By Los Angeles, and it’s... gray?

You’re probably asking just how a small Italian electric car could be inspired by Los Angeles while being a fairly boring color — isn’t LA known for its sunny beaches and palm trees? The 500e’s new color is called Marine Layer Mist, and it’s inspired by a different sort of weather effect that Southern California is also known for.

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