New Jersey legislator fighting to save Columbus Day

Jan 19, 2017 1939

Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26) announced a Senate resolution supporting the preservation of Columbus Day as a federal and state holiday. The resolution will be formally introduced at the next Senate session.

"New Jersey has the second highest population of people of Italian ancestry in the country," Senator Pennacchio said. "For the 1.4 million Italian-Americans living in New Jersey, it is not enough for legislators to say we support the preservation of Columbus Day. We need to take action and show our constituents that we are committed to upholding their values, culture and heritage."

Senator Pennacchio's Senate resolution states that "the Senate recognizes the significance of Columbus' arrival in the New World expresses its support of the Columbus Day holiday as a day to honor and celebrate the explorer's historic achievement." The resolution also notes that Italian-Americans observe the holiday as a day to recognize the contributions of their ancestors to America and the world.

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