New market eatery Pasta La Vista gives nod to pop culture

May 06, 2024 251

BY: Nora Tarte

It is fitting that there is a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting on the cash register at Pasta La Vista. This new Italian eatery moved into Reno Public Market earlier this year. There are constantly new food stalls calling RPM home, but this one caught our attention—and has made a name for itself—based on their method for cooking pasta inside of a giant cheese wheel.

And yes, every pasta is made using this method, even if you don’t see it happening for yourself. I will say whatever they do to the pasta, it has a distinct, delicious taste, so I will chalk that up to the cooking method. The pasta is like a Blaze or Chipotle for Italian food, meaning you get to build your meal from the available ingredients.

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