New Tuscana II Pizzeria Restaurant – Grand Opening – Dec 1st – Offering Free Samples

Dec 01, 2021 265

The new Tuscana II Italian Restaurant is located in Hopatcong and features a complete Italian menu that covers Pizza, Pasta, Calzones & Stromboli, Seafood, Burgers, Subs, Salads, and much more. The new restaurant owner touts that they go the extra mile through creating all of their pizza and other dishes from scratch every day using only the freshest ingredients, with everything being cooked from scratch to order.

What makes them worth a try is the New York style of pizza that features an excellent thinner crust, slightly toasted on the bottom, which easily supports all of the generous toppings. In our taste tests, we found the slightly thinner crust allows you to focus on the blend of sauce, cheese, and toppings, without an overload of that doughy mussy stuff.

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