New Wooster Square Monument Emerges After Vote

Jul 30, 2021 661

BY: Lucy Gellman

First there were hundreds of proposals. Then there were six. Now, a single design has won out to tell the story of Italian immigration to New Haven. Wednesday night, members of the Wooster Square Monument Committee voted overwhelmingly to support Marc-Anthony Massaro’s Indicando la via al futuro (Pointing the Way to the Future) to replace the statue of Christopher Columbus that came down last June.

Massaro’s sculpture features an Italian immigrant family of four as they arrive in the United States. The artist grew up in Wooster Square and now runs a studio in Branford. A few dozen attended the meeting on Zoom. The vote follows a July 15 meeting in which six finalists pitched designs for the site, which sits at the Chapel Street entrance to Wooster Square and must integrate the historic stone pedestal on which Columbus stood. 

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