"The New York I Know" at Casa Colombo

Dec 05, 2019 1567

Show runs December 5th through December 31st. Casa Colombo, 380 Monmouth St, Jersey City, NJ. Opening Reception December 7, 4-6pm. Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am - 3pm. Weekends by appointment only. The use of the cell phone is a growing phenomenon seducing us with its capacity of immediacy, autonomy and freedom. The ability to capture any given moment in time is a fascination that can only keep growing and growing.

From storefront reflections, taxis, vibrant colors and everyday people, "The New York I Know" was born, a visual project by Mirko Notarangelo, Multidisciplinary Art Director and Visual Designer. The work consists of a selection of photos taken with a mobile phone, words and graphics.

Over the course of a year, the artist embarked on a mission to discover the many facets of the mysterious and fascinating place that is New York City, so very different from the world where he lived most of his life.

The artist uses his iPhone as a brush, creating lasting images of inspired chosen subjects. Notarangelo, in the Big Apple since 2017, ­will show some of the project's drawings at the exhibition of I-Phone as Brush / Cell-Phone as Muse - at IECC Casa Colombo.

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