Nittolo’s Pizza Has Grand Opening in Lake Leelanau

Feb 22, 2021 324

BY: Madison Schlegel

Eric Nittolo has lived in Northern Michigan for much of his life. Now, he’s setting out to open his own restaurant in Lake Leelanau, Nittolo’s Pizza, to celebrate good company and good food. “My son Dominic is spear heading it and my whole family is just going to be involved in the summer,” said Nittolo

He says for their grand opening on Saturday, they had over 120 preorders and people calling to make reservations as far out as July. “It’s surreal is the only thing I can say. It’s unbelievable just the way things are going. The amount of preorders and I’ve got to tell you coming to Lake Leelanau is impressive. The way people have wrapped their arms around this is absolutely fantastic,” said Nittolo.

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