NJ family on the culture-war front lines over Columbus Day cancellation

Jun 20, 2021 868

BY: Mary Kay Linge

Three generations of a New Jersey clan are on the front lines of a culture-war fight over Christopher Columbus, their Italian heritage — and, they say, historical truth. It’s boiling over because a school district voted to remove all holidays from the school calendar, replaced by “Days Off.” The family’s youngest member, 19-year-old Chiara Ricupero, is bearing the battle scars.

“I’ve lost all my friends from high school except one,” the college freshman told The Post, describing the furious backlash she’s endured in her hometown of Randolph, NJ, for speaking out against the local school board’s cancellation of Columbus Day. “I was told I was an embarrassment, I was told I was disgusting, I was told ‘eff you,’” Chiara said. “They say I’m insensitive,” she said of her peers. “But they’re not even trying to understand why this day is so special to me.”

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SOURCE: https://nypost.com

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