Norwich to rededicate former Columbus statue as Italian Heritage Monument in Saturday ceremony

Nov 21, 2020 407

BY: Tina Detelj

The Italian Heritage Monument in Norwich is going to be rededicated during a ceremony on Saturday. Members of city’s the Italian community erected it 18 years ago and now made changes to it after an uproar over Christopher Columbus who was featured on it. Those visiting Norwich’s Chelsea Parade can get a little sneak peak at the changes made to the Italian Heritage Monument.

“We redesigned this statue or the monument, and taken the reference to Columbus off,” said Frank Manfredi, a member of the Italian Heritage and Cultural Committee of Norwich. A relief of the explorer’s face was on the front of the obelisk and has now been replaced by a plaque featuring both the American and Italian flags, along with words expressing its original intent. “The whole idea of this monument was Italian Heritage and honoring our parents,” said Manfredi.

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