NYC seamstress, 95, reunited with long-lost Garment District statue of herself from decades ago

May 16, 2024 299

BY: Steven Vago, Isabel Keane and Natalie O'Neill

A 95-year-old former master seamstress was reunited Wednesday with a long-lost statue of herself that stood for nearly four decades in the lobby of the Garment District suit company where she once worked. The life-sized plaster likeness of Maria Pulsone - which will soon go on display at the Italian American Museum - was found by her granddaughter, who waged an online odyssey to find the artwork in a dusty warehouse in Scranton, Pa. 

“Growing up I always knew there was this statue of my grandmother when she was a New York City seamstress. I was always curious about it,” told her granddaughter, Jennifer Pulsone Heppner. The now-retired nonagenarian got to see the statue - which captures her in the act of sewing with a look of firm concentration on her face - at a ceremony at the Mulberry Street museum Wednesday.

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