Olive oil production in Molise helps fight violence against women

Jan 13, 2021 78

An olive tree about one hundred years old has a chasm burned in the center of the trunk because of a lightning strike.  They call it “Fausto”, lucky, because it has returned to bear fruit thanks to five women from an anti-violence center, who participated in the ASPEm project - Social Agriculture for the Promotion of Empowerment of Women and Single Parent Families with Minors. 

It’s happening in Molise, Italy, where the social cooperative Be Free, which for years, also in other regions of Italy, has been managing centers that combat gender violence, and Kairos social cooperative, works thanks to a grant of 30,000 euros from the European Social Fund of 2014-2020.

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SOURCE: https://www.wantedinrome.com/

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