Olivia Culpo tops 2019 Maxim Hot 100

Jun 12, 2019 464

BY: Thomas Freeman

On a whim I pull out my phone, in search of a midday distraction. Soon, I find my escape: a photo of Olivia Culpo, the social media sensation and former Miss Universe, on my Instagram feed. She is posing on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen in a red crop top, chiseled midriff exposed, like a millennial pinup. As I scroll through her recent photos, taken on the road to and at Coachella, my mind leaves planet Earth.

I am now in Olivialand, a perennially sunny realm of glamour, girl power, and taut skin. I never want to leave. “No, not at all,” Culpo tells me with a laugh when I ask whether the photo was spontaneous. “I thought it was so funny because it was so extra.”

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SOURCE: https://www.maxim.com/

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