One to one with nature

Jul 31, 2019 336

We all know that walking is a gentle form of exercising with many benefits: it tones the muscles, it helps with breathing, lowering blood pressure and maintaining good mental health. Another perk of walking, that you might not be aware of, is that it boosts creativity. According to studies, taking a walk through nature helps with finding creative solutions to everyday problems.

And it’s easy to see why: if you take a walk and stop to gaze out at the beautiful sceneries, like those from the top of Mount Mezzocorona, you can instantly feel your mind expanding and recharging with fresh mountain air. You don’t need to be a fitness expert to enjoy the benefits of this great outdoor activity. You just need a good pair of hiking shoes and some stamina. For inspiration, take a look at our list of easy walks to try this summer.

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