OSDIA and FAU together to promote Italy and education

Apr 10, 2022 263

The Grand Lodge of Florida has opened the door to a possible partnership with the Italian Studies Program at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Last January, at a special event hosted by the Sgt. F.M. Bonanno Lodge #2549 (Boca Raton, FL), a $1,000 check was presented to Dr. Ilaria Serra, Professor of Italian and Comparative Studies and the director of the university’s Italian Studies Program.

Each year, FAU has approximately 250 students taking classes in the Italian language, literature, cinema, music, and Italian-American studies. The funds will support a scholarship for FAU students enrolled in the Italian Studies Program. The Florida Grand Lodge hopes to form an ongoing partnership with FAU’s Italian Studies Program and make yearly donations to support student scholarships and assist in the university’s Study Abroad Program.

“We are excited to be a part of this program,” said Joe Dente, Grand Lodge of Florida Foundation President. “It promotes our mission of supporting and celebrating our heritage, language, and culture in a most positive way.”

The scholarship check presentation. (L. to R.) Joe Dente, Grand Lodge 1st Vice President; Nick Cantore, Grand Lodge 2nd Vice President; Joan D’Amato, Sgt. F.M. Bonanno Lodge President; Edmondo Catania, Region VII Trustee; Tony Cianciotta, Grand Lodge of Florida President; and Dr. Ilaria Serra, FAU Professor of Italian and Comparative Studies.


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