Osteria’s “Stock The Freezer” meals conveniently land on shelves at all four Dash’s

May 25, 2020 121

A month ago we announced that Osteria 166’s Stock the Freezer campaign had reached the 6500 meal donation mark. Incredibly, that astounding number led to a brand new business tact taken by Osteria 166 owner Nick Pitillo, who now says that his pre-packaged and frozen, ready-to-go Italian meals have landed on the shelves of all four Western NY Dash’s Markets. This is a big deal for Pitillo, who originally launched the initiative to feed families during COVID-19. 

– Nani being Nick’s mother – these easy to prepare, delicious restaurant-quality Italian meals are quickly becoming the talk of the town. Instead of reaching for a can of massed produced ravioli made in, say, Milton, Pennsylvania, Buffalonians can now pick something up that was prepared locally, by a family that is in the business of supporting Buffalo.

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SOURCE: https://www.buffalorising.com

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