Our Journey to the Italian Side of America

Jan 13, 2020 619

BY: Basil Russo

ISDA is most pleased to announce that it has established a partnership with the Italian American Podcast to create a brand new web series entitled, “Greetings from Italian America.” This new program features videos on the ISDA Facebook page and website that explore every interesting aspect of the Italian American lifestyle.

John Viola, the ISDA District V.P. from New York City, is the script writer, narrator and co-host of this unique and exciting program. John’s co-host is Rossella Rago, best-selling author of the Cooking with Nonna Italian recipe books. Together John and Rossella exude a really entertaining chemistry that allows them to walk, talk, eat and laugh their way through each episode, while giving viewers a real education about our Italian culture, history and traditions.

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SOURCE: https://www.orderisda.org/

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