An Outdoor Cultural Evening and Opera Film presented by: Professors Louis Barrella & Louis Leonini

Aug 21, 2020 594

Friday, September 4th @ 6:00 pm EDT. Garibaldi-Meucci Museum | 420 Tompkins Avenue | Staten Island, NY 10305. Donation $10 per person. Cold Bottled Water Will be Provided. Please bring your own lawn chairs. The Museum is closed to the public; therefore, bathroom facilities are unavailable. Your Safety Is Our Priority. Social distance practices will be in place. Guests are required to wear a face-covering. (Raindate: Sat.Sept.5th 6:00 pm)

The presenters will enlighten us with both historical and musical background before we watch highlights of the opera. Professor Leonini will speak about Boccanegra as the title of Doge, as well as the four great Italian Maritime Republics of Genoa, Venice, Amalfi and Pisa, while Professor Barrella will prep us for the musical moments to follow.

Simone Boccanegra became the first Doge of Genoa in 1339. Giuseppe Verdi popularized his story in his 1857 opera, which fictionalized some episodes in the life of this historical person. Verdi expressed real-life experiences through his wonderful music like the death of a daughter, reunion with a long lost relative and the reconciliation of two older men who hated each other during their lifetimes. The revised version, written in 1880, included the Council Chamber Scene with Simone’s plea for political unity. Verdi’s nationalistic feelings for the already united Italy affected the portrayal of Boccanegra as a natural leader and unifier of Italy, albeit the Genoa, of the 14th Century. (Talk about an appropriate theme!).

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SOURCE: Garibaldi-Meucci Museum

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