Palladio Film to be Screened in 70 Countries Worldwide

May 16, 2019 431

BY: Megan Schires

Though only the Italian screenings have officially been announced, for May 20-22, international screenings of the upcoming 97-minute docu-film are promised to be announced soon. Created by Giacomo Gatti together with Scientific Director and Co-author Gregorio Carboni Maestri, “Palladio” features well-known scholars and aficionados of Palladian architecture, including Kenneth Framptonand Peter Eisenman, discussing the great architect’s legacy.

Gatti chose not to pursue a linear narrative in the film, instead moving between still shots of Palladian villas, interviews with scholars, and discussions with architecture students at Yale and Columbia Universities. Though born in Padua, ItalyAndrea Palladio’s influence in America was so great that in 2010, the United States Congress declared him the “Father of American Architecture.” The students, however, also discuss the complicated implications and symbolism of American Palladianism with its ties to both slavery and democracy throughout the country’s history.

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