Parma Calcio Academy in New York: Summer camps in the USA for the first time

May 25, 2023 358

BY: Ashley Hughes

Parma Calcio flies to the United States for the first time, organising the first American Summer Camps with the Academy. Thanks to the collaboration with Chaka2, the summer camps will start from New York, the most iconic city and the most populated by Italian-Americans, who know the history and legends of Parma Calcio.

The Summer Camps, scheduled from 24 July to 4 August 2023, will be held in the Manhattan district, the beating heart of the Big Apple (Lower East Side and Little Italy).

“In the last two seasons,” explains Managing Director Corporate Luca Martines, “we have done a lot of work abroad, involving more than 100 clubs and sports associations that we hosted in Parma in 2023 with more than 2,000 people from all over the world. We have taken the Parma Calcio Academy to several European countries, Australia and Japan, developing ad hoc projects in major cities such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Osaka, Kyoto, London, Valletta, Frankfurt and Munich. Today we are happy to announce that our next project will be the organisation of Summer Camps in New York. We work hard in the Parma area and we are proud of this, but we are equally proud to be able to take the ‘Parma’ brand to the world. And to be able to do this in the USA for the first time is of incredible value to us.”

The Camps, run by Parma Calcio coaches, are open to children aged 5 to 14. All registration information is available at

“After many contacts, we have identified the ideal partner to extend the project to the USA. We will start this summer with New York, the greatest city in the United States, heavily populated by Italians and Italian-Americans, who are passionate about football and our country. This new challenge represents the first step in the expansion of our network in the USA,” says Gioele Caravello, head of the Academy Parma Calcio programme.

SOURCE: Parma Calcio

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