Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium Celebrates 90 Years

Apr 04, 2024 841

The Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium, the governing body for Parmigiano Reggiano Protected Destination of Origin (PDO), marks its 90th birthday this year. Founded in 1934, the Consortium’s efforts throughout the last century include quadrupling Parmigiano Reggiano production and working to promote the Made in Italy designation globally, according to the business.

Most recently, the cheese’s export quota has reached 47 percent. In 2023, 292 dairies hailing from the DOP production zones of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Mantova, the right of the Po’ River, and the left of the Reno River, yielded 160,000 tons of cheese, said the Consortium. The cheeses come in varieties including Kosher and Halal.

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