‘Paterno’ couldn’t figure out the play on scandal

Apr 04, 2018 1547

BY: David Wiegand

Joe Paterno was the winningest coach in NCAA football history, with a 61-year career at Penn State. It all came tumbling down in 2011 when his former assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, was charged with 52 counts of sexual molestation of minors. Paterno inevitably became part of the story as the media and other investigators pushed to find out if he and university officials covered up Sandusky’s actions out of fear their revelation would hurt the university and its football program.
What did Paterno know and when did he know it? Although Sandusky is in prison and Paterno died in 2012, questions remain about the case. Did Paterno know what Sandusky was up to and fail to report it in a timely manner? Did he use his considerable clout at Penn State to persuade the university not to report Sandusky to law enforcement in 2001? Or was he simply so focused on football that he either intentionally turned a blind eye to what was going on, or failed to process it?

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SOURCE: https://www.sfchronicle.com/

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