Philadelphia chooses ‘Italian’ as favorite hoagie, according to Metro poll

May 09, 2024 130

BY: Zach Ciavolella

National Hoagie Day has now come and gone, and as folks around the country enjoyed the official sandwich of Philadelphia, Metro asked those in and around the city about their hoagie of choice. Whether your taste buds prefer the homestyle taste of the always-popular ham and cheese or the crisp and tangy taste of a tuna hoagie, there’s a hoagie out there for everyone.

After a knockout tournament featuring eight of the most signature hoagie flavors, the winner in the eyes of Philadelphians became clear. Coming out on top over such delicious options as the classic American, tender Roast Beef, and the timeless Turkey and cheese, the Italian reigns supreme for the people of Philadelphia, winning its final matchup against the warm and welcoming Meatball with a commanding 68.9% of the votes.

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