Piazza della Famiglia

Sep 13, 2018 414

BY: Tom Cesarini

Retail-store associate, banker, musician — Louis Palestini has embraced many roles in his life. In the early 1990s, Louis, known to everyone as “Lou” or “Louie,” took a leadership role in the redevelopment of the Italian neighborhood, starting with the introduction of the business improvement district model in the neighborhood and the development of the Little Italy Association, the group created to manage and maintain Little Italy.

As Lou states, it is “an organization meant to promote awareness of Little Italy,” through which Lou would become prominent in “helping them increase business [and] tourism.” He notes, “I was elected and remained the treasurer, as an executive officer, for many years, and I wore the position with pride. Since my retirement in 2008, I have become fully involved in my Little Italy, offering both time and service in doing something I believe in.

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SOURCE: https://sandiegodowntownnews.com

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