Pizza Bella: best pizza in America

Jan 13, 2021 251

Happy Fonso bongos away to a recorded song coming out of his car. “Working for tips,” his cardboard signs says. “Your help is needed and appreciated. Thanks!” Except, since the lockdown, Old Town is pretty-much deserted. In the silence, you can hear his two-note bongos up and down San Diego Avenue. A couple of dollar bills sit in his tips bucket. “God Bless you!” it reads.

He puts on a hopeful face. “This is the first time I’ve tried playing here,” Ooh. I get whiffs of carne asada. A couple of Mexican cafes are making tacos right out on the street. But no seats. You’ve gotta find your own space to eat them. People have to take them off to their cars, if they have them.

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