The Prism: an artistic and research project by Stefano Simontacchi, curated by Marco Senaldi, lands in New York

May 16, 2024 380

For the first time, the emotional portals of The Prism cross the ocean and engage with an entirely new context, offering a fresh approach to the spiritual dimension of art to the audience in New York. 

"New York is the city that embraces the most innovative and interesting ideas and artistic proposals," comments Sergio Lella, CEO of The Prism. "That's why it's the ideal place to begin The Prism's journey beyond national boundaries. The Prism is an excellent artistic platform that interprets the radical changes that underway in contemporary art." 

The Prism is an interactive artistic project that creates a special connection with the audience through emotional portals and powerful circular, luminous, and reflective works. The physical forms and spiritual dimensions converge in the artist's creations, giving life to portals that invite meditation and spiritual awakening, leading each of us back to the roots of our being. 

Experience The Prism's works is an opportunity to embark on an emotional journey, to awaken forgotten images and archetypes, to transcend the mere material level, and rediscover a dialogue between individual and universal spiritual dimensions. Each artwork becomes a gateway to a broader inner dimension, a discovery of one's authentic self. 

Marco Senaldi, curator of The Prism project, explains: "The works selected for the exhibition at the Consulate General of Italy consist of seven portals ranging from 'DEEPLY INTO YOU' to 'MARS AUTHORITATIVE,' from 'NEURONAL CONNECTIONS' to 'LIFE JOURNEY.' Characterized by their circular form, they belong to different cycles, but all constitute an unmistakable expression of The Prism's artistic and spiritual universe. This is reflected into the titles and references, each of which connects to a characteristic of this creative world—the animistic dimension of existence, the significance of archetypes, the relevance of emotions, the energy connection verified by neuroscience, and much more. Despite the constraints of an anthology, the strength of The Prism's proposal emerges here in all its intensity, allowing the viewer to resonate together with the works and consequently with their own inner depth." 

Following significant recognition in Italy with the first solo exhibition "Project Revelation" in 2023 and the inauguration of The Prism Core Center interactive art space, The Prism will exhibit a selection of its works at the Consulate General of Italy in New York from May 14th to July 14th, 2024. 

Italian Consul General in New York, Fabrizio Di Michele, explains: "The Prism exhibition at the Consulate General of Italy in New York is part of a particular context, the New York Design Week, further enhancing and promoting Italian design in all its forms and expressions. Simontacchi's works indeed manage to combine art and design, aiming to convey messages of peace and harmony in an intimate yet universal dimension." 

The exhibition will be open for visits every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, by appointment via email at [email protected].  

But this is not the only commitment in the USA for The Prism: starting from NYCxDESIGN until mid-July, four works will also be on display at the flagship store Flexform in New York, an essential reference point for the Big Apple's design community. 

Marco Senaldi concludes: "These exhibitions in New York express the essence of The Prism project, going well beyond the limits of a contemporary art exhibition. Today, more and more artists, instead of focusing on producing artifacts, are turning to the idea of energy and connection that has been lost in our molecular and narcissistic societies. The Prism, born in the wake of this trend but expanding it as no one has dared to do so far, constitutes an entire project, including a physical space for meetings and talks, a media platform for exchanges, an international network of relationships, and a production of spiritual paths, both physical and virtual, of which the exhibition is just one facet. In the future, we are developing an extension of these relationship plans with the intention of an energy reconnection capable of branching out on potentially infinite levels."

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