Promotion Center names new president

Apr 15, 2016 1295

Promotion Center for Little Italy Baltimore welcomes GIANNI ANDRACCHIO as its new board president. Benvenuto Gianni! He has already been planning and brainstorming as to how to grow our nonprofit organization as we continue the mission of promoting Little Italy. "I'm excited to get started," he said.

Gianni is first generation Italian as the son of natives Federico and Carmela Andracchio from Calabria and Abruzzo, Italy, respectively. He and his wife Giovanna are parishioners of Saint Leo's parish and residents of Little Italy. Gianni is the assistant director of the Italian American Bocce League and a team player. Along with his sister Gina Andracchio and friend, Matt Platania, Gianni co-founded and is marketing director of (mi.o) which promotes Italian culture. His "day" job is director of Sales & Marketing for Make-a-Ball based in Baltimore.

We wholeheartedly thank our exiting president, RAY ALCARAZ, for his dedicated service to the Promotion Center board since our inception in 2010 and look forward to more of Ray's energy and ideas as a board member and editorial advisor of this newsletter.

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