Putting Puglian Wines on the Map

Apr 30, 2024 287

BY: Genevieve Verdigel

In what could only be termed a stark contrast to the light, so-pale-they-are-almost-water wines that summer holidays spent basking on the Puglian coastline call for, the wines from Puglia have gained a reputation as heavy hitters, if you will–red, punchy, and fruit forward. How many of us have wandered into a supermarket looking for a good quality bottle of wine at a reasonable price to take along to a party and grabbed a Primitivo? And when hasn’t it gone down well? 

This is, in part, due to the sun-drenched climate of the region that lends itself well to rich red grape varieties such as the aforementioned Primitivo and Negroamaro. But the area is also known for its white grapes like Verdeca and Fiano that produce crisp, white wines that can be drunk all summer long. And indeed, Puglia’s weather contributes to high yields of what could often be called table wines. 

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SOURCE: https://italysegreta.com/

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