Randolph BOE Votes To Remove Names of All Holidays on School Calendar; Everything to be Called “Day Off”

Jun 12, 2021 556

The Randolph, NJ Board of Ed, in an unprecedented move, voted unanimously last night to eliminate all holidays on the school calendar and instead label each one a 'school holiday'. The move was promoted by pressure from the Italian American community angry over the board's decision last month to rename Columbus Day Indigenous' Peoples' Day.
"This was clearly something we did not see coming and are still amaze that in dealing with the issue at hand the board instead voted unanimously to insult everyone by renaming holidays like Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day and all religious holidays as 'days off," says Italian American One Voice Coalition Board Member Andre DiMino.
Under pressure from Italian Americans, who showed up in force at the board's meeting last night, the board instead, after hearing testimony, decided  no holiday was worth keeping on the calendar thus insulting all segments of the community.
"It was one of the most bizarre meetings I have ever attended which ended with a puzzling decision," says DiMino.  DiMino and other attendees are available to speak by Zoom or in person. Video of the meeting is also available. 

SOURCE: Italian American One Voice Coalition

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