Relics stolen from Siena in 1989 recovered

Apr 26, 2021 679

A priceless set of medieval relics stolen from a seminary on the outskirts of Siena in 1989 has been recovered, Italian art cops said Thursday. The San Galgano Reliquary was made in 1200 out of gold, silver and enamel. It was stolen along with another 10 works of sacred art of an inestimable value.

All the works, property of the dioceses of Siena, Colle di Val d'Elsa, and Montalcino, have now been recovered by Italy's crack Carabinieri cultural heritage protection unit, the NTPC. The recovery will be presented at a press conference Monday with the archbishop of Siena, Cardinal Augusto Paolo Lojudice, Culture Minister Dario Franceschini, NTPC Commander, General Roberto Ricciardi, Vatican Museums Director Barbara Jatta, and Gianluigi Marmora, head of the NTPC's Palermo division.

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