A Return to Italia Three Longtime Italian Mainstays with New Chefs

May 16, 2018 318

BY: Andrea Damewood

I’ve always loved Accanto. It’s one of my brunch besties—a place that takes reservations, but you can probably snag a table if you’re being impulsive. It’s also always punched up a few levels, serving great Italian at fairly reasonable prices.

Meant to be a sister to the fancier Genoa restaurant, it’s Accanto that’s survived—and thrived. As Chris Frazier moved to Renata, the stars aligned and the team behind the wonderful Taylor Railworks (RIP), chef Erik Van Kley and front-of-house star Gabriela Ramos, were available to take over this Southeast Belmont kitchen.

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SOURCE: https://www.portlandmercury.com

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