A return to Piedmont

Dec 27, 2021 329

Four or five years ago I wrote a column in my series on “Italian Wines by Region” describing the various wines of Piedmont. On our recent trip to Italy, we began our visit with a return to Piedmont, arguably one of if not the best wine regions in Italy. Any discussion of the best wines in Italy invariably includes the wines from Piedmont. Best known of the red wines from this area are those made from Barbera, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto grapes.

In terms of production, Barbera is about 35% of the grape production in Piedmont with Nebbiolo and Dolcetto each about 15%. Barbera is found throughout the region with the other two grapes centered in the Langhe Valley area. Nebbiolo is the sole grape made into Barolo and Barbaresco wine with the difference being the location in the Langhe Valley where the vineyards are located. 

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SOURCE: http://wineloverspage.com

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