REVIEW: One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

Apr 01, 2022 174

I discovered Rebecca Serle just about two years ago when I read In Five Years. That book was an absolute delight, surprised the hell out of me as I read, and I still remember a lot of it to this day. I believed then that Ms. Serle had outdone herself with that story. I wasn’t totally wrong, although this latest release comes very, very close to proving perhaps I was full of hot air back then. Very close. But IFY is still one of my favorite reads, and OIS is not too far behind.

Katy has come to Positano, Italy after her mother’s death – a trip they had planned together, hoping they had time before illness claimed Carol. That didn’t happen, and Katy’s devastation has caused her to question everything, including her marriage. At first being in this beautiful, historical village may not be what she needs, seeing all the places and things her mother saw on her trip when she was a young woman. It’s painful to experience it all without the one person who loved and understood her more than anyone else.

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