Riverfest food review: Scimeca’s Italian sausage

Jun 16, 2016 961

By popular reader demand, I sampled Scimeca's Italian sausage at a yellow-tarp-roofed booth on Kennedy Plaza. A reader/fan of the booth told me it was called Cappuccino Connections, though one worker at the booth assured me it was called World's Best Lemonade. Other booth workers really had no idea what it was called.

I suppose there is always an air of mystery that accompanies eating food from the Riverfest, after all.

Now, I'm not typically a fan of sausage, especially not at festivals – the idea just never appealed to me. I suppose there is this perception that you don't know what's actually in that sausage or where it came from.

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Source: http://www.kansas.com/

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