Road Race Motorsports Fiat 500 Club Sportivo

Oct 23, 2013 1294

Often with cars like the Volkswagen Beetle or Fiat 500, the curse of cuteness can be totally reversed by adding slick wheels, applying a few decals, and slamming the sucker. You don't even have to touch the engine. Fleets of first-gen Scion xBs roll around Los Angeles in just such a fashion. They might make the same 108 hp as those transporting the legions of cheerleaders who also bought xBs, but slammed, they get props from car dudes.

We'd expect more than paint and tape and a slam from Road Race Motorsports. Based in the L.A. suburb of Santa Fe Springs, the company earned its credibility over the past few years making hard-core Lancer Evolution parts and, more recently, suspension and engine kits to perk up various Suzuki and Hyundai models. The company's Fiat 500 Club Sportivo does look slick, even more so when you learn why the hood and the roof are matte black. Road Race owner Rob Tallini currently is restoring an old Lancia Fulvia into a tribute to the factory rally cars from the early '70s and was inspired to finish this 500's hood and roof in similar fashion.

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