Roberto Ferri's masterful eye

Sep 20, 2019 249

Caravaggio, David, Ingres, Girodet, Géricault, Gleyre, Bouguereau… these are only some of the artists Roberto Ferri considers as his inspiration. Born in Taranto in 1978, according to Maurizio Calvesi – one of the many critics he has deeply impressed – this Sicilian painter “truly has a striking ability to build, even technically, his icons of physicality, beauty, torment with somewhat brazen anachronism.”

A careful and fine observer of reality, Ferri blends his extensive knowledge of human anatomy with great mastery of color. Vittorio Sgarbi has described him as “a phenomenon, as remarkable as painters from classical antiquity if not more. All at once, he surpassed the figurative painters who were the best at replicating reality.

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