Rossella Rago on Cooking with Nonna and passing down traditions

Feb 06, 2017 2273

BY: Anthony Fasano

In this episode of The Italian American Podcast, we speak with proud first generation Italian-American Rossella Rago from “Cooking with Nonna” about her cooking experiences throughout her life, and the true meaning behind them.

During this lively interview, Rossella tells the story of how her family relocated to New Jersey from her beloved Italian neighborhood in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, when she was young, but she wouldn’t stay there for long.  At the age of 18 she moved back to Bensonhurst to be with her nonna.  One day a joke by her father ended up leading to an amazing career opportunity, which is thriving today.  Rosella explains the importance of nonnas in Italian culture and how her family’s support has catapulted her to success.

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