Rossella Rago's Cooking with Nonna is a Recipe for Success

Feb 28, 2024 1109

Like a fine wine, Cooking with Nonna keeps getting better with age. What began in 2007 as a simple video series that featured Rossella Rago ’09C cooking alongside her grandmother is now just one piece of a well-known and beloved brand that has a footprint spanning social media, publishing, ecommerce, and more.

While the grandmothers featured in each episode often steal the show from its host, it is Rossella who is the catalyst behind Cooking with Nonna’s success. An award-winning author of several cookbooks and the winner of the Food Network’s 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, Rossella has traveled the world over throughout her career. Her story, however, begins in what she describes as a typical Italian American household in New Jersey.

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