Russo Brothers Go Big on the Small Screen with ‘Citadel’

May 01, 2023 1190

Joe and Anthony Russo are going big on the small screen with Citadel, a groundbreaking spy thriller that’s connecting audiences and cultures from across the globe like never before. The $200 million TV project, bankrolled by Amazon Studios, follows an unprecedented production concept, where several Citadel spin-offs — now being filmed around the world — will intricately feed into the U.S. version that premiered this past Friday on Prime Video.

For instance, there will be a Citadel: Italy and a Citadel: India, among others, that fully utilize casts, crews, languages and locales from those countries. “We’ve had the good fortune of being able to tell stories that travel around the globe, and we’ve seen the effect that those can have on audiences,” said Anthony Russo in a recent interview with The New York Times

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