Sabbioneta, a Renaissance “designer town”

Dec 04, 2023 743

BY: Giulia Franceschini

Sabbioneta is a peaceful town rich in history and art, located within the lush plains of the Lombardy region in Northern Italy. It belongs to the province of Mantua, a city as steeped in history as Sabbioneta itself. Located about 30 kilometers north of the well-known city of Parma, and not far from the northern bank of the Po River, Sabbioneta enjoys a prime geographical location.

Despite its modest size — at the end of 2021,  it was home to a close-knit community of around 4,100 — this quaint town holds a prestigious position on the UNESCO World Heritage List alongside Mantua, thanks to its exemplary embodiment of Renaissance urban planning theories, that were far ahead of their time. Today, locals cherish and maintain the town’s historic charm and cultural heritage, and are rightly proud of it. 

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