Salerno-Reggio Calabria In Italy Set To Be Europe’s Longest Smart Road

Mar 14, 2022 603

BY: Enrico Punsalang

The drive to adopt ultra-high-tech infrastructure, not just for vehicles, but for the roadways themselves, has long been fueling innovation in multiple countries. From biodegradable materials, to 5G-enabled roadways, it’s looking like the roads of the future are going to be more than just asphalt and concrete with lines painted on them. In Europe, Italy, in particular, steps are being taken to transform one of the country’s longest highways.

The Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway is one of Italy's most well-known highways, owing to its lengthy construction period and less-than-ideal administration. The A2, also known as the Autostrada del Mediterraneo, is set to redeem itself in the future with tons of technological advancements in the pipeline. 

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