San Diego Italian Film Festival Opens With Mafia Musical

Oct 04, 2018 678

BY: Beth Accomando

The San Diego Italian Film Festival kicks off its 12th festivale with a Mafia musical called "Ammore e malavita" ("Love and Bullets") at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) in Balboa Park. Antonio Iannotta, SDIFF artistic director, is quick to point out that the more accurate description for this crime film would be a Camorra musical since the film is set in Naples and the crime syndicate in that part of southern Italy goes by that name. "Ammore e malavita" won the Donatello Award (the Italian equivalent of the Oscar) for Best Film earlier this year and is the festival choice for opening night film.

Although Italy is the birthplace of opera, musicals are not really a part of its cinema. Iannotta said that Italian cinema doesn't have a tradition of musicals to draw on but that the filmmakers, Antonio and Marco Manetti, come from outside the film industry and with a background making music videos.

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