SAVOR Eataly's Baita

Dec 31, 2018 655

BY: Andrew Davis

You can visit the Italian Alps here in Chicago. Baita, located in the River North spot Eataly ( 43 E. Ohio St.; ), brings this area of Europe to the Windy City. And it's a seasonal spot, bringing the Italian winter through March. ( Also, "baita" means "small ski lodge," reinforcing the decor. )

I advise you to check out this spot while you can. There are wine tastings, cool alpine settings and, of course, some very tasty food. However, be sure to start with the impressive selections of alpine cocktails or wine. I had the Alpenglow—a tart and absolutely delicious melange of brandy, Luxardo Triplum, Shrubb and Co. Cranberry Pine and lemon. 

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