Scala Fenicia: Staircase to Heaven

Jun 10, 2019 339

BY: Silvia Donati

A long, steep stone staircase connects the port of Marina Grande in Capri with the town of Anacapri, 300 meters above. Made up of 921 steps dug out of the side of Mount Solaro, Scala Fenicia was built by Greek colonists around the V-IV century BC, most likely on a pre-existing trail. Just like in other Greek towns, it connected an inhabited village by the sea with a citadel at the top for the transportation of goods. Today, it is one of the great walks of the island of Capri, which is particularly suited to be explored on foot.

The itinerary starts out flat in Marina Grande, amid lemon groves and silent doors. It then enters the woods, and in this stretch the sea is barely visible, peeking amid the leafy branches. As you keep going, the vegetation thins out, the view opens up, to reveal the port of Marina Grande, almost one with the sea, and nearby the white and pink colors of Capri, with the funicular, the bell tower on the piazzetta; as you keep going up, the profile of the Vesuvius volcano, and the Sorrentine peninsula start to reveal themselves.


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