The secrets of Panyllo: bread, pizza and passion to bring Sicilian flavors worldwide

May 14, 2024 113

In the marvelous setting of Sicily, particularly in the historic and enchanting city of Messina, which boasts an extraordinary cultural and gastronomic heritage, you can find a bakery laboratory unlike any other, offering much more than simple baked goods.

Panyllo is a place where tradition meets innovation, where recipes handed down for generations blend with modern techniques to create true delights for your palate. It’s in this way that authentic and high-quality Sicilian products are born. Pizzas, focaccias, savory pastries and more: in the Panyllo laboratory you will discover passion, a commitment to research, and the desire to showcase the culinary excellences that distinguish the splendid culinary tradition of Messina and Sicily to the world.

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