Senator Francesca La Marca (PD) files amendment for Italians abroad who intend to start an innovative start-up in Italy

Feb 09, 2024 716

In recent days, Sen. La Marca has filed an amendment to the Bill on "Provisions for the promotion and development of start-ups and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises through tax breaks and investment incentives," which will land in the House in the coming weeks. This amendment aims to establish a Fund for the creation in Italy of innovative start-ups by Italian citizens living abroad and their descendants.

This amendment would make it possible to include Italian youths who reside abroad but intend to start an innovative start-up on Italian soil in the facilities provided by the Bill, providing for the non-repayable grant of an amount up to a maximum of 250,000 euros.

"I wanted to submit this amendment to the bill for the promotion and development of innovative start-ups," said Senator La Marca, "because I believe it can be doubly useful, useful to the many young people, Italian oriundi in the world, to allow them to get to know better the country of origin for which they have great affection and on the other hand, to contribute, with their skills and creativity gained abroad, to the economic development of Italy.

"I want to hope," La Marca concludes, "that this majority recognizes the value of the proposed measure and will approve the amendment when it comes before the House, more for the good and economic development of Italy itself than of Italians around the world.

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