Seven places to see wild flamingos in Italy

Mar 26, 2018 2660

It might surprise you to learn that Italy has a number of pink flamingo populations for several months each year. Starting from late winter and early spring, the birds migrate to Italian waters – where you can admire them in the wild. Now that the first flocks of 2018 are already enjoying the spring, here's where to head for the best views of Italy's flamingos.

Sardinia - If you're looking for flamingos in Italy, Sardinia is a safe bet. The birds have been visiting the island for centuries, so regularly that Sardinians have their own name for them: "sa gente arrubia", the pink folk. Thousands of flamingos flock to Sardinia's coasts each winter and, at breeding colonies near Cagliari, some stick around into the summer to raise chicks. 

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