Sgro Family to Open Gesino’s Specialty Italian Food in Lancaster, PA

Nov 03, 2015 472

Pasta & Vino is excited to announce the opening of a brick and mortar gourmet Italian food store, Gesino's Specialty Italian Food, in Lancaster, PA., in November! Italian gourmet food lovers will be able to shop for the same authentic pastas, espressos, jams and marmalades that Pasta & Vino carries, in a 3,200-square-foot industrial building from the 1920s which was renovated to create a store with Italian flair.

Gesino Sgro, founder and owner of Gesino's and father of Pasta & Vino's Sergio Sgro, embraced his journey toward the American Dream about 50 years ago, moving from a picturesque village in Calabria, Italy, with a load of hopes and not a word of English. 

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