A Sicilian Discussion and Q&A with Dr. Gaetano Cipolla

Apr 18, 2022 325

Italian Charities of America is proud to present the first event of our Spring 2022 Italian American Speaker Series! Join us for a free virtual event: A Sicilian Discussion and Q&A with Dr. Gaetano Cipolla on April 27th from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. Click Here To Register For This Event!

Dr. Cipolla will be speaking about his organization and its mission, giving us insight on what drove him to preserve the Sicilian language and its importance along with introducing his latest textbook; Learn Sicilian II for the advanced Sicilian language student. This is a great opportunity for our Sicilian language students to be able to ask Dr. Cipolla any questions you may have.

Dr. Cipolla is Professor Emeritus at St. John's University and President and Editor of Arba Sicula, an international organization that promotes Sicilian language and culture. Dr. Cipolla is a renowned authority on the Sicilian language as he has taken the lead in promoting and publishing modern literature in the Sicilian language. His textbook, Learn Sicilian/Mparamu Lu Sicilianu has sold thousands of copies to so many Sicilians around the world seeking to learn the language of their ancestors and to be closer connected to their roots.

Italian Charities of America thanks Dr. Cipolla for taking the worldwide lead in this mission of promoting and preserving Sicilian language and culture. We have been using Dr. Cipolla's textbook in teaching our Sicilian language courses since Sicilian language courses were first organized by Italian Charities of America's President, Domenic Giampino in 2009. Italian Charities of America holds the world record in the modern era for teaching the Sicilian language in formal courses in a classroom setting, and now also available virtually.

Please be sure to register for this virtual event in order to attend.

SOURCE: Italian Charities of America

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