Sicily: the Island of Origin of the Pioneers of Jazz Risks Losing its Cultural Heritage

Dec 23, 2018 988

BY: Valentina Barresi

Rows upon rows of hills laced with vines intermingle with the curves of the G-clef: the history that has developed in Salaparuta is one-of-a-kind. With just under two thousand inhabitants, this municipality of Trapani is the symbol of the 1968 earthquake that occurred along the river Belice and destroyed the town’s historic center; but only a few people know that this small town was also the origin of three artists who quite literally made musical history.

First and foremost, Nick La Rocca, pioneer of jazz, to whom the namesake study center for research in Salaparuta is dedicated. With its incredibly rich cultural and musical assets, this center is a gem for the aficionados of the genre, but it has never been adequately appreciated.

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